5 Electronics People Waste the Most Income Tax on Every Year

Income tax season is here and technology buffs plan to waste as much income tax money as possible on electronics. It woud be wise to spend income tax money on credit card bills, save money, or pay off debt, but you’ll waste it all on these 5 electronics.

Computers / Laptops

Excluding the holidays, there’s no other time electronics stores are as busy as they are during income tax season – and computers are the busiest place in those electronics stores. Regardless of whether or not a tax recipient is buying a laptop or desktop computer, they’ll spend every dime of their tax money on the latest Mac or the most expensive computer on the market.


There’s no worse time to buy a gaming console (or games) than during tax season. People often spend their income tax money on entertainment and what better electronics to do that with than a gaming console? XBOX 360s, Playstation 3s, and Nintendo Wii’s will stay out of stock from January 15th to May 30th every year as they’ll be in high demand for the tax spending maniacs.


With the Super Bowl being smack dab in the middle of tax season, lots of income tax recipients will stop at nothing to spend their hard earned money on a bigger television set. HDTVs, Plasmas, and LEDs see a huge boost in sales every tax season due to the money electronics lovers can’t help but spend.

Media Players

Audio players, ebook readers, DVD players, and other media players are doomed during the tax season. Income tax recipients have to have the latest iPhone, iTouch, job site radios, iPod, and coming soon (just in tax this tax season) the Apple iPad. If a media player has a lower cased “I” attached to the front of its name, income tax money wasters will spend all their tax money to have it in their possession.

Cell Phones, Smart Phones rather

While managing to avoid the debt you’ve collected from last year’s cell phone purchased with tax money, lots of income tax spenders will drool over the latest cancer causing cell phone devices. Spending lots of money on a cell phone might sound like a good idea while you have a pocket full of income tax money, but after it’s all spent, you’ll be left with a whopping cell phone bill to pay off on a monthly basis; creating more debt, you’ll only avoid next year’s tax season.