Ever wanted to start your own used book selling business, but weren’t sure where to start? With Amazon, you can sell your used books from home and automatically have a huge commercial facet in which to display them. Amazon is one of the biggest online commercial venues and there is no lack of customers willing to buy your used books. So why not start your online used book business with Amazon today?

First you will need used books to sell on Amazon. Used books can be bought from used book stores, garage sales, estate sales, friends, family contacts, etc. However you get them, you need to make sure that the price you pay is going to be low enough for you to learn earn a profit on the used books when you sell them on Amazon.

When you go out shopping for used books to later sell on your online Amazon business, the best way to check the price of used books is to bring a mobile device with internet connectivity, such as an iPhone or small laptop. If the book doesn’t cover the exact information then go to the actual product referenced in the book. So if your book is tips on the best golf clubs for beginners search in the section on golf and beginners and you will get a great idea of the price and your target market.

That way you can search the used books online in real time as you’re looking at them wherever you are. This way there is no guess work, and you know that your online used book business can earn a profit when you go to sell a certain used book.

You’ll want to establish a place in your house where you can keep all the your used books you’re going to sell on your online Amazon business where they won’t get damaged, and where you’ll be able to easily manage your inventory as you sell your used books online. Alphabetized bookcases to hold your used books are a good idea, and cataloging them in a computer will also help you manage your used book stock for your business.

Sign up on Amazon as a seller. Amazon has a simple sign up process that only takes a few minutes. Once you have signed up, you’ll be able to launch your used book selling business and start selling used books on Amazon. You’ll develop user feedback and a following of used book buyers as you and your new used book company continuously sell your used books on Amazon.

Create a website and a blog for your business to make your presence known on the web. Create links to your Amazon storefront on the website where people can see which used books you are currently selling. This will help your online business to have a “face” and for your customers to trust and value you as a used book company.